Homeopathy Is

  • Holistic … Treats the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Safe … Remedies are highly diluted and have no toxic side effects; they can be used for babies and children, pregnant women, and the elderly
  • Flexible… Can be used alongside any medicines prescribed by your doctor
  • Natural … Triggers the body’s own healing system
  • Inexpensive … Most remedies cost less than $10
  • Individualized … Remedies are selected based on the individual symptoms rather than on a disease name
  • Popular … The most commonly used form of alternative medicine, 1 in 4 Europeans uses homeopathic medicine and more than 500 million people worldwide

Homeopathy can help adults and children with many acute and chronic ailments, such as

  • Food poisoning, viruses, insect bites and stings, dental work
  • Kidney stones, back pains, arthritis, respiratory problems, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, thyroid conditions
  • Depression, anxiety, grief, sleep problems, ADD/ADHD, post traumatic stress (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), PMS, menopause, memory and concentration issues
  • Sports injuries, trauma, bruising